Once Upon a Future was an evening of stories from imagined futures and was produced by Design Informatics and Creative Edinburgh and supported by Skills in Action. It brought industry and design academics (including ECRs) to network and envisage through storytelling possible tech and design futures.

Once Upon a Future

Part one consisted of the shape of things to come from the imaginations of the speakers who presented at the Design Summit on the 22nd May as well as local designers and technologists. Illustrations by Kevin Allen also featured throughout the night as well as music by DJ Dandelion.

Part two involved a much deeper journey across time as we had the pleasure of welcoming Madeline Ashby, science fiction writer and strategic foresight consultant, who provided us with a public lecture / story.  Ashby’s debut novel ‘vN’ and its follow-up ‘iD’, explore self-replicating humanoids, Rapture sects, giant squids and fast food robots. She is also well-known for her short story Social Services written for the Institute for the Future’s collection of original science fiction stories.

Once Upon a Future took place in the Warburton Gallery, within the prestigious Grade A listed India Buildings, on Victoria Street in the centre of Edinburgh, on 21 May, 2015.

Information about the event can be found:

Once Upon a Future

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